about me

susanne b. armberger

1965 born in Vienna
1983 high school degree
1983-1988 study at the university of Vienna (English, French, Italian)
since 1989 Assistent & Office Manager, Bank Austria UniCredit Group
1990 first serious work on photography
2005 change to digital photography
2008 – 2011 study at the „Prague Photo School Austria“
2009 „Artist of the Week“ on artween.com
2010 award of the Anne-Goldenberg-Foundation
2013 Degree of the "Prague Photo School Austria"
2014 Diploma of the "Prague Photo School Austria"

«On fait de la peinture tandis que l‘on prend une photo.»
(“You are painting a picture while taking a photo.”)
said Henri Cartier-Bresson. And he also said:
«La netteté est un concept bourgeois.»
(“Sharpness is a bourgeois concept.”)

As much as these statements by Henri Cartier-Bresson have inspired my development as photographer, as much did the photographs of Cy Twombly. Both artists are unique, as many others are. And of course there are many other artists that I admire or that have been or still are inspiring my work. But I think it is not at all a good way to develop yourself as an artist in taking another artist as model. No artist should try to copy any other. Eventually, every artist who wants to be taken serious has to develop his own way of creating art, his own way of expressing himself. Naturally other artists may be important for this development as a role model, as inspiration, but ultimately an artist
should express himself... and inspire the viewer.... making him see the far side as well...

I want to inspire you not only to view my works, but I would like to take you on a journey... through your thoughts.... through your mind.... through life....
susanne b. armberger
armberger photo|art